EATON UPS Efficiency Calculator

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Efficiency: 92.0

Cost per kWh: $0.10

Cooling ratio: 60

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CO2 estimates are based on (1) fuel consumption data from the DOE and (2) emission factors from Inventory of US Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

-- Metric Tons

The kWh savings is the total of (1) the power saved by the more efficient UPS and (2) the power saved by operating the cooling equipment at lighter loads. A 99% efficient UPS will throw off only <1% of its incoming power as heat. A 92% efficient UPS will throw off 8% of its incoming power as heat.

$--(-- kWh) $-- annually

Cooling power required to remove 1000 watts of heat is 600 watts. Multiply the power cost savings by .6 to get the total cooling power savings.

$-- $-- annually

Combination of (1) lifetime energy savings and (2) lifetime cooling power savings.

$-- $-- annually